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Eurotec Business Units

       Each price list page has one or more symbols at the top. This is a guide to identify which Business Unit the products
       belong. Where more than one Business Unit is involved, the lead Unit is shown as the largest symbol.

                       The Electrical Business Unit supplies quality electrical control equipment. Our products include
                       temperature, level and pressure controls as well as a range of motor control equipment.
                       As part of our electrical range we offer products designed to save time and money. The
                       Wattstopper occupancy sensors and Trust wireless remote controls are products for commercial
                       and residential use for energy saving, home automation, and remote control of various loads.

       We supply a wide range of products through Electrical Wholesalers, from Cotherm hot water cylinder thermostats,
       Mac3 float and floatless level controls, Orbis time clocks and Benedikt & Jager motor-control gear to Benning
       Duspols, Multimeters and Clamp-meters.
       Flow switches and custom made level controls form part of our extensive range of products to diverse industries,
       including boat building, dairy, refrigeration and HVAC. Our quality range of industrial level controls from Kubler as well
       as pressure and temperature controls from Trafag are frequently specified on projects that demand high
       performance and high reliability products. EX rated controls are available as standard products from our suppliers for
       demanding applications.

                       The Refrigeration Business Unit markets and supports the CAREL range of Refrigeration & Air
                       conditioning control products and systems, these being sold through our Refrigeration OEM and
                       Contractor Partners throughout the country, and supported by experienced sales engineers in each
                       of our branches.
                       More recently we have expanded our refrigeration product range to include an extensive range of
       quality Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection Sensors from MSA and Honeywell Manning incorporating Infra Red
       technology, providing the highest level of reliability and repeatability available to the industry today as well as HITACHI
       horizontal scroll compressors for OEM applications in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industries, and 3 brands
       of Ice Machines for the Food Retail, Hospitality and Industrial sectors; FUNK GmbH, MAJA and ZIEGRA.

                       HVAC & Mechanical Services
                       Our HVAC Business Unit markets and supports an extensive range of commercial Control and
                       Peripheral products for the Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Industry. With brand names
                       like BELIMO, CAREL and SAUTER from Europe, and INNOTECH controls from Australia, Eurotec
                       represent some of the best quality and leading edge industrial technology from global market
                       leaders in HVAC Control & Humidification products. This allows us the unique opportunity to
       provide a range of solutions and systems to meet the most diverse needs.  The HVAC Business Unit also markets
       both fixed and portable gas and air quality sensors and controls, from handheld instruments for personal safety in
       confined and/or hazardous spaces to permanently installed sensors for car-park ventilation or hazardous/explosive
       gases monitoring.
       In addition, the HVAC BU offer Process Cooling solutions for Data Centres from AIREDALE, the leading UK
       manufacturer of industrial airconditioning and chiller solutions.
       With over 100 years combined experience in the industry our staff can help you with engineered solutions and the
       selection of products to suit your requirements. Working closely with consulting engineers and contractors we offer
       services ranging from Valve, Actuator and Controls selection to Design & Build advice, ensuring the completed
       system operates as it has been designed.
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