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Airedale   Airedale Air Conditioning is a British manufacturer with nearly 40 years’ experience. As the UK’s number one provider of chillers, precision air conditioning and IT cooling solutions and at the forefront of controls software design and optimisation, Airedale are experts in integrating products to reduce total cost of ownership. Eurotec and Airedale help select optimum specifications tailored to your application and provide support which enables you to manage your cooling system for best performance.
Alfa Electric   ALFA ELECTRIC is a division of Alfa Plastic, specialized in the manufacturing of accessories for electric enclosures, in particular Thermal Management Products. Since the early '90s, ALFA ELECTRIC has been gaining recognition and developing and introducing new products. Currently, the range of products allows the full coverage of customer needs. Careful attention to customer needs, highly qualified technical staff and a vertical, flexible organization have allowed the company to become partner of important manufacturing and commercial firms. Advanced manufacturing equipment and careful quality controls during development and manufacturing allow to offer cost-effective and high quality products.
ALRE   ALRE-IT Regeltechnik GmbH produces and supplies components for the heating and ventilation technics field and the air conditioning engineering sphere. All ALRE units and components re ISO 9001-compliant The ALRE product programme covers a large range of sophisticated electronic control devices and precise, long-lived bimetal controllers.
Arianna   Specializing in the design and manufacture of LED lighting systems – was established in 2009 by Alberto Giovanni Gerli with the idea of bringing together two seemingly distant worlds, namely electronics and astrophysics: innovation and environmental protection, in short sustainable technology - these are the cornerstone values of the research carried out at Arianna. Arianna has grown since 2009 and two finance companies and a multinational in the electronics industry have taken a stake in the company, bringing the assurance of solidity and reliability. Our fittings illuminate roads, roundabouts, cycle paths, parks and tunnels and bring light into manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, car parks, warehouses, large shopping areas and sports fields. This is just a starting point since Arianna’s sights are set on new market segments and broader horizons.
Beck   Beck's specialises in the development and production of pressure switches and to an increasing extent pressure transmitters for original equipment suppliers in many different sectors. This great diversification in sales markets can be regarded as an important factor for the international market success which the company has achieved.
Belimo   Belimo has been designing, manufacturing and marketing electric actuators for motorized control devices in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems since 1975. The company's innovative, high-class technology ensures trouble free operation for all kinds of HVAC control devices.
Benedikt & Jager   Expertise in control. Established in Austria in 1920, Benedikt and Jager produce quality products for the electrical control industry. Products include Contactors, Overloads, Pushbuttons, Pilot lights, Motor Circuit Breakers, Rotary Cam Switches and Isolators. The high temperature and humidity tolerance of B&J products have led to these being specified in a variety of extreme environments, from the Alpine ski fields to the Australian Outback.
BENNING   Testing, Measuring and Safety Instruments for industry, handcraft and service BENNING has developed a reputation as a real market leader arising from up-to-date developments, a consistently good workmanship and the demand, to test and certify each product by the independent VDE testing institute according to valid standards. Digital-Multimeter and Digital Clamp Meter The range offers an ideal solution for all requirements and applications. The instruments are produced with conventional, average-forming measuring method (RMS) as well as with true RMS measuring method to the highest over-voltage category CAT IV. Voltage, Continuity and Phase sequence tester The DUSPOL® and DUTEST® range for voltage, phase, polarity, phase sequence, continuity and semiconductor testing, meets the demands of professional users. Safety Instruments. The insulation and resistance tester BENNING IT101 is used for safety testing in electrical distribution systems, devices and machines in accordance with the European standard EN 61557-1-2 and 4 (DIN VDE 0413 part 1, 2 and 4). With the portable appliance tester BENNING 750 periodic testing in accordance with DIN VDE 0701/0702 and BGV A3 (VBG 4) can be carried out in a safe and time-saving way.
CAREL   For over 40 years CAREL has been designing and manufacturing electronic controllers and remote management systems for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. The quality and innovation of its products has made CAREL one of the established leaders in the industry worldwide. Carel has been specializing in the field of humidification for over 30years, and offers humidification solutions for almost any application using a variety of humidification technologies ranging from electrode boiler & resistance element humidifiers to live steam systems; and compressed air/water and high pressure water atomising systems for high capacity applications to small freestanding centrifugal atomisers. CAREL's main customers are manufacturers (OEM) and installers, serviced by a network of branches and distributors present in many different countries around the world. CAREL Retail Solutions is the latest proposal for the optimised control of air-conditioning and refrigeration units in large retail structures. CAREL Retail Solutions allows the use of advanced supervision and remote management systems, with effective savings in system maintenance costs. This means reductions in running costs and simplified management of hygiene (HACCP) procedures.
CDC   European quality process timers for many applications; DIN rail mount, panel mount and plug-in; Delay-on, Delay-off, Interval, One Shot, Flashing and many others.
CENTEC   Customized process plants and high precision measurement technology from a single source. This is unique. This is Centec. As a globally operating company, Centec is a reliable partner for customers all around the world. With more than 40 years of experience Centec develop and manufacture units and sensors for liquid and gas processing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries. Centec sensors are applied in laboratory and process environments as “stand alone” devices or part of a process control system. They ensure that products are produced to consistently high standards and that processes run extremely efficient with the least consumption of raw materials. No matter how complex requirements may be, based on decades of process know-how, Centec will provide the right solution. Capabilities include planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of turn-key plants. Production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic are certified according to ISO 9001. The quality of our products is outstanding, so is the price-performance ratio.
Cotherm   "Degrees of Excellence" - Innovation is a key factor for success in all companies. To remain decisively competitive in the long term, a company must have the capability to develop new and creative solutions which answer to the needs of its customers. Water heating, HVAC, sauna, oven, commercial cooking, coffee machines, wine cabinets, medical or industrial equipment... your applications and our technologies are numerous and varied - Cotherm has the right solution!
Critical Environment Technologies   Critical Environment Technologies designs and manufactures gas detection instruments for a wide variety of hazardous gas and indoor air quality applications in the commercial, institutional, municipal and industrial markets. Many of these applications are for vehicle exhaust, but areas of specialization include refrigeration plants, swimming pools, water purification, arenas, wineries and breweries, waste water treatment and many more.
DHECN   Experts in Switching Power Supply, DHECN - a manufacturer in designing, producing and selling high and low voltage electrical products. DHECN has 3 factories producing switching power supplies, LED lighting, isolator switches, fuse-switches, current transformers and high voltage metering boxes. DHECN is now a globally specified brand, popular in Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe and America, having developed a quality reputation and becoming important supplier of products for large, medium-sized enterprises and for major projects.
DIAS Infrared Systems   DIAS - the specialists for non-contact temperature measurement with more than 20 years of experience in the field of non-contact temperature measurement technology. The wide product range contains fixed and portable infrared cameras, infrared line cameras, digital pyrometers, blackbody calibration sources, infrared detectors and arrays, software and services. With best available technology DIAS realize complete customized system solutions for the non-contact temperature measurement in industry and research.
E+E Elektronic   E+E Elektronic specialize in the development and production of sensors & transmitters for measurement of relative humidity, air velocity and temperature using thin film technology & the development and production of humidity calibration systems. E+E's main markets are.. * Automotive industry * HVAC * Measuring and control technology * White ware * Agriculture * Process and environmental engineering * Automation of industrial processes
Eurolec Instrumentation   With over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of electronic instrumentation Eurolec are a leading European manufacturer of Dry Block Temperature Calibrators.
Funk   High-tech for scale ice making: For over twenty years Funk have been developing innovative machines for scale ice making – with a complete service: from planning and construction through to production, installation and maintenance. Funk consistently focus on the wishes, needs and requirements of our customers. Since 2001, we have also offered a proven and tested cleaning principle: A patented principle, Funk EasyClean® enables you to clean the machines easy and quickly – ensuring the highest possible standard of hygiene in scale ice making. Know-how, technology, experience – a concept with international success!
GasTron   GasTron specialises in the development and manufacture of gas detectors and monitoring systems for Explosive, Toxic and Hazardous gases, with a reputation for quality products and flexibility in design and manufacture.
Giovenzana   Giovenzana's philosophy is based upon the basic principles of business management, dynamism and the continuous research for the operator's needs in the field of man-machine interaction. These principles, thanks to the experience and professionalism of its staff, guarantees Giovenzana's development and growth. Giovenzana, leader in the industrial technology field, is the first choice for: - handling equipment - automation - lifting equipment - maintenance - command and control of moving parts Development, design and production are combined together to reach a common aim and cover most industrial applications.
HITACHI   HITACHI HERMETIC COMPRESSORS are products developed out of long years of research. All models achieve high acclaim from customers as not only being extremely reliable, but also as highly efficient. For a wide range of applications, there is also a wide range of models including those for low temperature, high temperature, and air conditioner use. Major Applications * Refrigerator-Freezer * Commercial Refrigerator * Showcase * Vending machines * Water Coolers * Dehumidifiers * Room Air-conditioners * General Freezer and Air-conditioning equipment
Huba   Huba Control develops, manufactures and markets components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure. The components of Huba's pressure measurement technology include both pressure switches (on/off switching elements), sensors and pressure transmitters (sensors with built-in amplifier electronics). With its clear focus on pressure measurement technology Huba Control is able to develop innovative products across a very broad spectrum, covering an extensive range of applications for the optimisation of machine, system and plant processes.
Innotech   Innotech focus on creating new and better ideas and products for the air conditioning industry. The success, and the almost immediate and universal acceptance of those early, innovative, user-friendly air conditioning control systems, quickly led to the recognition enjoyed by INNOTECH Control Systems today, and the company's growing world-wide reputation for quality and innovation. Since 1984, INNOTECH Control Systems have maintained and built on that early momentum and innovation, expanding the range of products and areas of operation, but jealously guarding the attitudes and aspirations that underpinned the company's origins - anticipating and answering the needs of it's customers.
Italtecnica   Italtecnica Srl designs and manufactures pressure switches for hydraulic systems. Its product range has been constantly developed and enriched by new models of pressure switches for air compressors and heating systems. They also manufacture the FLUOMAC and BRIO 2000; two innovative electronic devices to automatically control flow and pressure of electro-pump systems.
Jablotron   Jablotron develops and manufactures electronics, especially in the field of security systems, home automation and communications. Being flexible and innovative they are capable of bringing technically new solutions to the market ahead of most of their competitors.
Klemsan   Established in 1974, KLEMSAN has become a global brand with its 7 offices in Turkey and 9 offices worldwide and its extensive dealer network by the investments made. Klemsan Automation, supported by an experienced sales and technical team and an easy to use software is the adaptable alternative for any automation solutions. Klemsan Automation is the perfect solutions for any customized or demanding needs. Klemsan products are specifically suited for integration in a wide range of applications such as waste and water treatment, access control, renewable energies, building equipment, industrial machines and transportation.
KSR   KSR Kubler are one of the leading companies worldwide in level measurement technology. The main product lines are magnetic float switches, level sensors and bypass level indicators.
MAC3   Leaders in Hydraulics technology MAC3, established in 1982, manufactures high quality level control equipment. At present MAC3 manufacture 5 main float switches that allow the production of 1350 different variants. MAC3 also manufacture an advanced range of Variable Speed Drives specifically designed for the control of pumps, pressure controls and irrigation control systems.
Maja   MAJA develops, produces and distributes high-quality meat processing machinery, such as derinders, membrane skinners, fish and poultry skinning machines as well as fresh meat slicers, especially weight-controlled meat portioning systems. Moreover, a wide range of flake ice machines round out the vast product range for the food processing sector. Since more than 50 years, it has been MAJA's aim to be a reliable partner to the butcher's trade and to the food processing industry by creating for these target groups highly profitable and safe processing solutions. MAJA sets high quality standards by which it always can be measured! Much more than 30,000 MAJA-machines are every day in the field around the world. That's why MAJA has become an essential and indispensable part in the food processing value chain.
Manning   For over twenty-five years, Manning Systems has been a recognized industry leader in providing gas detection instruments and now a division of Honeywell Analytics, the world's leading manufacturer of toxic and flammable gas detection systems. Eurotec offers a comprehensive range of Manning Refrigerant Leak Detections sensors and systems for commercial and industrial referigeration plants.
MSA   MSA is another global leader in the development and production of dependable, high-quality toxic and flammable gas detection products & systems.
NK Technologies   When your job is to control motors, heaters, lamps and other electrically powered loads, you need accurate, real-time status feedback. Until recently, the traditional approach to this monitoring problem has been to use optical sensors, zero-speed switches and pressure switches. But these devices can be both expensive and unreliable. NK Technologies offers better solutions. NK Technologies current, voltage and power sensors give you that critical feedback with all the speed, simplicity and dependability you want and need. Based on the premise that, "By measuring the power input to your load, you gain clear insight into actual equipment performance", these solutions are: * Faster...because you see load changes immediately. With this knowledge, you can prevent equipment failure and avert process disruption. * Easier...because you simply snap a sensor over a wire. No need to bolt or weld complex brackets, valve manifolds or pipe taps. * More reliable...because solid state sensors are tougher than electromechanical devices. * Economical...because costs are reduced through quick, easy installation and long-term dependability.
Optris   Non contact temperature measurement in perfection We are able to offer ideal solutions by covering the many different applications of our customers through the extensive know-how and innovative thinking of our well-experienced engineers and physicians. Our product range is seperated into the following product groups: • Compact series – Small, compact infrared thermometers for the ideal use in cramped and hot environments. • High precision series – Infrared thermometers with high optical performance and double lasers for spot size adjustment. • Infrared cameras – Compact thermal imagers for fast online applications including linescanner functions. • Portable thermometers – High-quality portable devices with integrated USB interface. The product development, 90 per cent of the production and the sales of the products take place at our headquarters in Berlin to ensure a high quality of all products. Due to the close working relationship of each department, we are able to continuously adjust our product range and react fast towards market needs. The strategic partnership with the Micro Epsilon Group - which is already active with measuring sensors worldwide - offers completely new synergies in the field of sensor technology. Our direct sales network consists of well-experienced engineers, who assure that all of our customers receive competent guidance, solutions for measurement tasks as well as an excellent service. We have a large network of distributors all over the world to ensure worldwide sales of our products as well as fast and qualified regional customer services. It is of great importance for us that all of our distributors consist of good knowledge regarding our products and therefore receive regular product training. We are accredited DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee all our internal actions. Therefore we can ensure unobstructed production of all products.
ORBIS   ORBIS, design, manufacture and market electrical control, metering and regulation equipment, which complies with international safety, quality and environmental protection standards. This equipment is produced under the slogan "We program energy", as part of the range of specialist areas in which Orbis operate. Orbis have more than 50 years of experience as a European manufacturer, with four production centres and a global presence in over 50 countries.
Relpol   Relpol is a well-known European manufacturer of relays established in 1958. Products of Relpol are applied in the areas of industrial and power automation, power electronics, industrial and applied electronics, telecommunication, household appliances etc. Advantages are experience, quality, long-term satisfied customers worldwide. Taking into account the important role played by their products, Relpol have set constant development of their quality as one of the priorities of the company.
Rich Electric   Variable Speed Drives (VFD)
Riko   Manufacturers of Level and Float sensor technology.
Sauter   Sauter produces control products, valving and actuators for the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sectors, and is amongst the most successful companies in its field with over 1600 employees. The wide range of products, which is amongst the most complete on the world market, is complemented by professional, tailor-made services.
Seitron   Seitron develops and produces devices in the field of HVAC controls and has Quality Certification ISO 9001 (Cert. n° 9105.SEI8 CSQ - IQNet). Seitron offers more than 450 different devices, from the simple programmable thermostats to digital microprocessor based chronostats, to embedded devices with phone interface, fan coil and wireless thermostats, and more, from climate regulators, gas leakage detectors, flue gas analyzers, portable measurement instruments, DIN-rail mount devices, radiant-tubes controls, transmitters, to probes and other accessories.
Setra   Since 1967, the name Setra has stood for exceptional quality. The accuracy and dependability of Setra’s pressure transducers have withstood the test of time with millions of units in operation worldwide. Since the beginning, Setra’s founders were at the forefront with their development of the variable capacitance principle, which is in use today by many pressure sensor manufacturers. Since then, Setra has continued to expand and offer customers the latest technologies, which include strain gauge as well as inductive technologies.
Sontex   Since 1989, Sontex develops and manufactures most modern technology to serve the thermal energy measurement, the district heating and cooling, individual heating and cooling systems, as well as the consumption data collection. Our 2000 m2 manufacturing area is equipped with the latest infrastructure to produce and to test heat meters, temperature sensors, heat cost allocators and suitable communication systems. As an export-oriented company, Sontex is active through agencies in all European countries, North America as well as in the Middle and the Far East. The development and realization of our devices always depends on the relevant national and international guidelines. The company was created by a management Buy Out of the "heat meters" department of Sonceboz S.A and employs today 100 highly specialized employees. Sontex has comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of high precision measuring electronics, the flow measuring technique, bidirectional remote radio solutions and in the manufacturing of Platinum -, Nickel and NTC temperature sensors.
T & G   In 2011 rebranded as Fantini Technology Group, FTG s.r.l is European leader for measure, control and safety products for heating and ambient comfort. FTG offers high quality products like: thermostats, pressure gauges, thermo-manometers, thermometer, pressure switches, and a variety of products for industrial application. FTG also provides a wide range of mechanical and electronic room thermostats, hi-tech crono-thermostats, featured by a great reliability as well as a strongly innovative design.
TESTO   TESTO is a world leader in portable instrumentation for the measurement of physical values. For HVAC, gas & air quality applications Testo manufactures products ranging from portable air quality (CO2) instruments, hydrocarbon gas leak detection, flue gas leak detection and combustion analysers to airflow and temperature/humidity measuring instruments.
Texelco   Texelco produce innovative solutions to optimize and automate industrial processes. These include Audio and Visual (LED) Alarms, Beacons and Towers.
The Watt Stopper   Lighting consumes about 40% of the electricity in a typical commercial building. Passive Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensor Technology from WattStopper can reduce your lighting costs without compromising the efficiency of your business environment. Founded in 1984 Watt Stopper/Legrand manufactures energy efficient, convenient, and accessible controls for the work environment. In developing these beliefs, Watt Stopper’s team introduced a new, innovative occupancy sensor product line. Watt Stopper/Legrand offers a comprehensive range of control solutions for commercial applications, including lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, automatic day-lighting controls, bi-level HID controls, DALI dimming controls, and plug load controls. In addition, the company has engineered groundbreaking residential products, including the revolutionary Miro architectural wiring devices and wireless RF controls. Other residential control products include motion sensors and code-compliant vacancy sensors.
Trafag   Trafag Sensors & Controls, are specialists in development and manufacture of devices and sensors for the measurement and monitoring of pressure, temperature and gas density. Trafag products are built to the highest standards. To meet the expectations of customers, Trafag gathers and analyzes very closely the demands placed on operation and use of its measuring devices worldwide. The company's engineering competence and production expertise enable these demands to be translated into equipment of outstanding reliability in long-term use. Trafag offers a wide range of standard products for a host of different applications and specifications. Alongside this, the company also specializes in modification of standard equipment to customer specification as well as in the development of tailored OEM solutions jointly with clients.
Trust Smart Home   The Trust Smart Home system exists of transmitters and receivers with which you can control your lights, devices and sun screens (on/off, dim, open/close). This is possible to do manually (with a remote control or wireless wall switch) or automatic (with a sensor or control station). You can already start by using 1 transmitter and 1 receiver. Afterwards you can expand your system as desired. This way you are able to increase the comfort in your home step by step.
Trust Urban   Trust Urban is your brand when it comes to trendy and unique lifestyle accessories. In our assortment you can find different kinds of headsets, speakers, in ears and more in bright colours and cool designs, to match with your outfit or just to make a statement. Of course, these stylish Urban Revolt accessories are of high quality and affordably priced. Perfect for the young and trendy.
Vacon   Vacon is a global, customer driven and dynamic AC drives supplier with a passionate attitude towards product leadership and customer services. Vacon is driven by a passion to design, manufacture and sell only the best AC drives on the planet - and nothing else. AC drives can be used to control electric motors or to help generate power from renewable sources. Vacon has R&D and production facilities in Finland, the United States, China and Italy, and sales offices in 27 countries.
Vapac   Vapac manufactures electrode boiler, resistance heater and gas fired humidifiers.
Ziegra   50 years of experience has made ZIEGRA one of the leading specialist companies in the world, which exclusively deals with industrial ice machines and technology associated with it: from small laboratory machines, medium-sized machines for trade and processing, to large fully-automatic equipment for industry. More than 80 specialists work at ZIEGRA, who concentrate on all questions regarding ice. Experience, unconditional quality awareness and constant further development make ZIEGRA the European benchmark. To date, ZIEGRA ice machines are used in over 160 countries on all continents. Our own national and international customer service departments, subsidiaries and representatives provide the necessary support with all installations. The second generation of this family company continues to ensure that the production is "made in Germany". This guarantees a large flexibility of tailor-made and customer-related solutions alongside the high level of quality.