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Energy Saving Airedale are at it again!

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Airedale TurboChill Win


The Airedale TurboChill™ and TurboChill™ FreeCool chiller with low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R1234ze last week  scooped up the ‘Energy Saving Product of the Year’ trophy at this year’s CIBSE Building Performance Awards. 

The win follows on from three earlier commendations received in a number of other important industry awards, providing further recognition of the TurboChill’s significant energy saving credentials and low global warming impact.

The CIBSE Building Performance Awards recognize the people, products and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment.  The awards focus on actual measured performance not just design. Entries are open to any organisation within the UK and internationally that is responsible for the design, commissioning, construction, installation and operation of low energy buildings or manufacturers of products which enable energy efficient consumption.

The first BSI approved range of high performance chillers using the low GWP refrigerant R1234ze available from a British manufacturer, the TurboChill™ delivers an industry-leading energy efficient cooling solution with capacity to deliver up to twice as much free-cooling as equivalent thermosiphon products.
The addition of low GWP hydro-fluoro olefin (HFO) refrigerant R1234ze makes the TurboChill™ a highly sustainable option, which automatically receives two BREEAM points in recognition of its low global warming impact. R1234ze readily breaks down in the atmosphere within a very short lifetime (16.4 days) and is rated by the international Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) with a 100-year GWP lower than 1, which performs better than CO2. 

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