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Testo 876 & 882 Thermal Imagers

With the new thermal imagers testo 876 and testo 882, the German manufacturer is introducing two new models to the market. With the testo 876, Testo is opening the 5,000 € price range for camcorder design.The testo 882, in familiar Testo design, allows even easier and precise work, thanks to a detector resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

The new models are already the third generation of imagers from the measurement technology specialist Testo, who entered the thermography market in 2007. Daniel Auer, Director of Product Management Infrared Measurement Technology: "Testo combines consistently strong technology with innovation, we relied on this strength in the development of our thermography solutions, too and have been very successful with it, as the past years have proven. With the new products, we are again establishing technical standards in order to again be able to offer our customer even more added value.'

testo 876 - strong technology in camcorder design

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With the testo 876, the Lenzkirch company is launching the first Testo thermal imager in classical camcorder design onto the market. It places Testo in the vanguard in this price segment.

The light, 900g imager is equipped with a rotatable display. This makes thermography possible even in difficult-to-access places.

This opens up completely new possibilities, especially in professional industrial thermography: Due to the fact that the display can be rotated by up to 180 degrees, it is even possible to work above your head without any problems. For users from the fields of building thermography as well as industrial maintenance and servicing, this also means a security plus: Parts of buildings or industrial systems which are diificult to access can thus be thermographed from a different angle – and the exchangeable lens ensures optimum attention to detail. Thanks to its low weight and easy operation, the testo 876 adapts optimally to the requirements of the thermographer – for fast and versatile work.

Best image quality: the testo 882

Testo -882_p _in _the _001537_lrAs the first Testo thermal imager with a 320 x 240 pixel detector, the testo 882 promises high detail accuracy without the necessity of an exchangeable lens. Equipped with a 32° lens, the new model offers the user all image details at a glance, ensuring fast, uncomplicated and precise work. Just as with testo 876, security is also paramount with the testo 882: It allows even the smallest faults in difficult-to-access places or dangerous zones in industrial systems to be identified precisely and reliably – from a safe distance. With the detector size of 320 x 420 pixels, the testo 882 also fulfils not only the current standards of building thermography, but also the guidelines of the German Federal Association for Applied Thermography (VATh e.V.).

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Energy efficiency debate drives the thermography market

Interest in infrared thermography is growing constantly with the application possibilities of the imagers. The German federal government has, in its energy concept, recently determined necessary objectives and measures for an energy-efficient future of Germany. In the framework of this concept, the optimization of energy efficiency and the energy related reconstruction of buildings are of central significance – a market which the energy agency of the state of North Rhine-Westfalia estimates at roughly 350 million Euros Germany-wide (EnergieAgentur.NRW, 2009).New buildings must have a zero-energy status from 2020, existing buildings from 2030. Thermal imagers from Testo detect energy losses due to insufficient insulation, cold bridges or construction defects and damage quickly, easily and reliably.

React with foresight in industrial thermography

Decreased availability of resources, high energy costs and the optimum exploitation of production capacity are central driving factors in industry. It is an important competitive factor for every company to be able to prevent errors and system downtimes. Increased or irregular heat development, in production, equipment or in the electrical network can be a sign of the development of a malfunction. The use of thermal imagers in this sector is increasing with the continually growing demands placed on productivity as well as quality.

Testo AG

Testo AG, whose headquarters are in the Upper Black Forest, is one of the leading producers of portable and stationary measurement technology worldwide. The high-tech company offers measurement solutions for, among other things, climate and environmental technology, industrial applications, emission measurement and the monitoring of food quality.

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