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Testo Food Measuring Instruments are "Food Safe"

The international measuring technology manufacturer Testo AG has been certified by the HACCP International organisation for its safe food measuring instruments. This means that Testo is the only company in its sector anywhere in the world which fulfils the strict directives for food safety and measuring technology with the internationally highly respected "food safe" rating. When using these measuring instruments, businesses in the food industry can be sure of completely fufulfilling the HACCP criteria, to the extent that users are aware of their duty of care and act in an appropriate way.


Food safety is an important subject for any food manufacturing company. And with the increasing legal framework surrounding the hygiene and safety requirements for food processing and production, companies must ensure their processes are beyond reproach. For them, measuring instruments which are "food safe" mean the greatest possible safety in terms of monitoring the temperature of goods. Stephanie Knill, Product Manager for Testo hand-held measuring instruments says: "In developing instruments, we pay really close attention to creating the framework conditions, so that the HACCP criteria can be fulfilled as quickly and easily as possible. Quality has the top priority in doing so. This means, for instance, that we deliberately involve the suppliers in this area as well. So we are able to guarantee a universal standard. Certification according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 and 12830 standards goes without saying."lfilling the HACCP requirements* established in law and thus achieving maximum safety.

The conditions in which food measuring instruments are used are very varied. The HACCP criteria must be fulfilled at every stage of the process which foods go through – From Farm to Fork. The requirements involved are different in each individual area. The corner butcher or local restaurant carries out spot check measurements to test the quality of goods. However, they spend far less time on documentation of measurement results than is the case in the incoming goods department of a supermarket, in a large production company, in a large-scale kitchen or at a transport and logistics company. Processes and checks must be strictly adhered to there. All businesses in the sector do however have one thing in common: the working environment is harsh. Work is done under great time pressure and a measuring instrument can be dropped or be used incorrectly or in a dirty condition amid the hustle and bustle.

Testo AG's measuring instruments take these special framework conditions into account and are appropriately designed. For example, the testo 104, a folding thermometer for core temperature measurement with an extremely robust metal folding hinge. The possibility of being able to fold the probe up after the measurement makes it easy to handle and solid. Or the testo 108, a temperature measuring instrument with a standard penetration probe which gets by with just two keys and can be operated without any kind of previous knowledge. Both instruments cannot be harmed even by the harshest working environment. At the same time, they have a hygienic design and can be cleaned under running water, so that bacteria cannot develop. In addition, there are no superfluous functions which would complicate rapid measurement.

When food inspectors check a business, the operator must be able to prove compliance with the HACCP directives at all times. This is done through the time-consuming, often manual documentation of measurement results. For this reason, numerous Testo measuring instruments have appropriate data storage resources or even PC software for data analysis and logging. This offers users a high level of safety in terms of being able to verify the proper condition of the goods at all times. For instance, data loggers travel with food being transported in trucks and continuously display the temperature at specifically defined intervals. The smallest temperature fluctuations during transport can therefore be proved right through the process.

"The demands on measuring instruments have been constantly increasing over recent years. In addition to many other factors, we also pay attention to the easiest possible use of the instrument. We look on this as a basic requirement of the sector. Because it is only when an instrument can quickly be used in the correct way without any extensive explanation that you also get safe results," says Stephanie Knill and continues: "We are proud of the HACCP International certification and view this as a spur to make our measuring instruments even safer in the future. We will also be a reliable future partner for the sector with continuously new innovations.

HACCP International is a globally active organisation, which supports the food sector with methods, programmes and checking mechanisms to minimise risks in handling foods. To obtain the certification, the measuring instruments were really put through their paces in testing: including in terms of material properties, robustness, appropriate design, easy cleaning, user-friendly handling and the possibility of documenting measurement data.
Testo temperature measuring instruments for contact and non-contact measurement, the cooking oil tester, along with the data logger family and Testo Saveris passed all the tests and are now rated as "food safe".

For more information on testo in New Zealand, contact their sole marketing company – Eurotec Limited with branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, or visit them on line at

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