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The Next evolution of Innotech is coming.

Innotech have been working hard on the new Omni BEMS controller range and are still on track for the 2015 release and are looking forward to the upcoming launch at 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago where they will showcase where the Omni development is currently at.

Rather than hiding away products until their release Innotech promote open development and with 30 years of experience under their belt, they know this approach guarantees they create exactly what the customer wants and needs. 

Innotech Omni

The Omni Update:

  • Native BACnet Communications - Omni will be released with native support for the Innotech and BACnet protocols (BACnet/IP & MS/TP) and/or any combination of these. Innotech are very familiar with integration and have been providing BACnet integration for many years. (We have even developed automated gateway devices for other manufacturers). Due to requests from their valued clients and partners, Innotech are currently in the process of becoming members of the BACnet International group and are submitting the Omni BEMS Controller range for BTL testing. More protocols will follow.

  • Compliance Testing - All Omni devices have passed EMC testing and will have the CE and RCM marks. Omni will also have UL certification!

  • Universal I/Os – The new custom designed programmable Universal Input/Outputs (UI/O) silicon chips are complete, tested, and ready to guarantee savings by allowing you to use every point on the controller as either an input or an output. (No wasted points)

  • Enhanced Innotech Communications - Innotech’s own communications protocol has always offered many benefits, such as robustness and reliability. They were asked to ensure these features were carried over into the new Omni BEMS Controller range. Not only will they support existing Innotech networks, they have enhanced the communications to deliver even more capabilities over IP networks.

  • On-board Web-Server - This will provide a client interface for supervising and adjusting schedules and variables, alarm annunciations, extracting and exporting log data. It will also include a unique facility to view and adjust certain configuration parameters in real-time. These adjustments include the forcing of points, variables and even calibration. This may negate the entire need for software to be installed on a client computer and it will also expedite the service and commissioning process...again saving you money.

There will be more news throughout 2015 up to the release of the Omni BEMS Controller range of products. If you are able to attend the conference pop into stand 3939 and get a sneak peak!



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