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Product Description Brands
Audible/Visual Warning Devices

Audible and Visual Warning

Car Park Gas Sensors

Carpark Gas Sensors

Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysers for Heating, Emmissions and Energy applications measurement


Specialist OEM Horizontal Scroll & Inverter Compressor solutions from Hitachi

Control & System Products

Control & System Products for HVAC & Refrigeration

Control Panel Solutions

Control Panel Solutions

Current Switches/Transducers

When your job is to control motors, heaters, lamps and other electrically powered loads, you need accurate, real-time status feedback. NK Techonoliges has the solution!

Damper Actuators

Damper Actuators
Explosion Proof Actuators

Data Loggers & Logging Systems

Testo Data Loggers stand out thanks to a high level of operating convenience, reliability and data security.

Din Rail Terminals

Din Rail Terminal Solutions


Electrical test Equipment

Energy Management/Lighting Controls

PIR & Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensors for Lighting & HVAC control
Wireless systems for switching/dimming lights & appliances

Energy Monitoring Products

Heat Meters for Hot & Chilled Water Systems, Power Network Analyzers for Analysis of Electrical Values

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling Solutions

Flood Detection Systems

Carel Flood Detection Systems

Food HACCP Calibrations

Digital thermometer Calibrations & Repairs
Dry Block temperature Calibrators

Food Industry (HACCP)

Portable instruments for the food sector from 'Farm to Fork'

Foot Switches/Limit Switches

Foot Switches and Limit Switches

Gas & Air Quality - Fixed

Controllers & Sensors for CO, CO2, O2, Refrigerant and
Hazardous Gases, Duct mount Smoke Detectors, Air Quality Sensors
Dataloggers for monitoring Hazardous & Toxic Gases

Gas & Air Quality - Portable

Portable Measuring Instruments for IAQ and Safety

Gas Analyser Calibrations

Calibration & Repair of Combustion Analysers


Electrode Boiler, Resistive Element, Live Steam Injection,
Atomizing & Evaporative Humidifiers and Evaporative Cooling Systems

Humidity Controls

Humidistats, Humidity Sensors and Transmitters

Humidity Sensors

Humidistats, Sensors, Transducers Controllers

HVAC & Refrigeration

Electronic Manifolds

HVAC Digital & Analog Controls

HVAC control products

Ice Machines

A range of European industrial quality ice Machines for Food Processing, Retail and Industry

Ziegra Ice Machines for Chip/Nugget Ice

MAJA Ice Machines for Flake/Scale Ice

FUNK Ice Machines for Flake/Scale Ice

Industrial Automation

Klemsan Automation is the perfect solutions for any customized or demanding needs. Klemsan products are specifically suited for integration in a wide range of applications such as waste and water treatment, access control, renewable energies, building equipment, industrial machines and transportation.

Industrial Measuring Instruments

Portable instrumentation and fixed measuring systems for Industry
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
Hazardous & Toxic Gas Detection products

Instrumentation Repairs

Calibration & repair of electronic portable/fixed instrumentation and gas detections systems

Level and Flow Controls

Level switches, sensors and transmitters
By-Pass Level switches, sensors and transmitters

Measuring Instruments


The TESTO instruments for Refrigeration applications include a wide range of portable contact and non-contact (IR) Thermometers instruments and Thermal Imagers for the measurement.


Appliance testers

Motor Controls

Motor Controls

Occupancy/Motion Sensors

Occupancy and Motion Sensors

Pendant/Crane Controls

Pendant Controls and Crane Controls

Portable Gas & Air Quality

BioSystems Personal gas monitors

Power Factor Correction Controller

Power factor correction controller from Klemsan

Power Supplies

DHECN are a professional manufacturer in designing and producing high and low voltage electrical products. As a specified manufacturing brand, DHECN has obtained a great reputation throughout Asia and Europe as a go to brand for small to large projects.  

Pressure Controls


Pressure switches, Sensors,
Controllers & Transducers


Pressure switches, sensors and transmitters

Process Cooling

Process Cooling & Precision Airconditioners for Data Centres and Industry

Process/Chemical Sensors & Systems

Process/Chemical Sensors & Systems

Pyrometers & Inline Thermal Cameras

Pyrometers & Inline Thermal Cameras

Refrigerant Gas Detection Systems

Gas detection products and systems for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Industrial installations.

Relays/Smart Relays
Retail Solutions (Supermarkets & C-Stores)

Control products and Systems for the management of referigeratyion and A/C plant in Supermakets and C-Stores.

Service & Calibration

After Sales Service and Calibration
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

Service & Repairs

After Sales - Service and Repairs
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

Signal Converters/Isolators

Signal Converter and Isolator solutions from Klemsan

Specialty Sensors

Air Velocity, Air Volume, Room Pressure, Humidity and Temperature

Supervisory Products

Supervisory products for the remote Monitoring, Alarm Management and Supervision of refrigeration & A/C plant via the internet.

Temperature Controls


HVAC Thermostats & Controllers, Sensors


Electronic Temperature Controls

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Instruments

Thermography Training




Time Switches/Clocks & Process Timers

Time Switches and Time Clocks


Slotted Triunking (Panel Wiring Ducts) Solutions


Control Valves - On/Off & Modulating Radiator Valves, Isolating Regulating Valves

Variable Speed Drives (VFD)


VFD's for HVAC, Refrigeration and Pumping applications


Variable Speed Drives for HVAC, Refrigeration & Industrial applications

Voltage Monitoring Relays

Voltage Monitoring Relays


Wireless Home Automation

Home Automation