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Non contact temperature measurement. Optris are able to offer a range of solutions covering  many different applications through the extensive know-how and innovative thinking of their well-experienced engineers and physicians.

The Optris product range is seperated into the following product groups:
• Compact series – Small, compact infrared thermometers for the ideal use in cramped and hot environments.
• High precision series – Infrared thermometers with high optical performance and double lasers for spot size adjustment.
• Infrared cameras – Compact thermal imagers for fast online applications including linescanner functions. • Portable thermometers – High-quality portable devices with integrated USB interface.

The product development: 90% of the production and the sales of the products take place at Optris headquarters in Berlin to ensure a high quality of all products. Due to the close working relationship of each department, we are able to continuously adjust our product range and react fast towards market needs. The strategic partnership with the Micro Epsilon Group – which is already active with measuring sensors worldwide – offers completely new synergies in the field of sensor technology.

Optris have a large network of distributors all over the world to ensure worldwide sales of our products as well as fast and qualified regional customer services. It is of great importance that all distributors consist of good knowledge regarding Optris products and therefore receive regular product training. Optris are accredited DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee all our internal actions. Therefore we can ensure unobstructed production of all products.

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