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Control Panel Solutions

Eurotec has been building and supplying Eurotec Control Panel Solutions to the Refrigeration industry since 2008. Since then we have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of Refrigerated Milk Vat control panels to the dairy sector controlling the refrigeration system(s), pumps and CIP functions as well as Condensing Unit control panels for OEM’s, custom control panels for Refrigeration Racks, Chillers and a variety of commercial refrigeration applications.

In 2012 the Control Panel Solutions division (CPS) was established to reflect the growing control panels business and we now supply Control Panel Solutions to the Refrigeration, HVAC and Electrical markets. Applications typically include Fan Coil Unit Control Panels, Car Park Gas Detection and Ventilation Control Panels, Level & Pump Control Panels, Temperature & Humidity Control Panels.

CPS integrates and value-adds to the extensive range of Refrigeration, HVAC & Electrical control and monitoring solutions sold by Eurotec to NZ industry for over 26 years, with a focus on providing quality control panels at competitive prices yet providing clients with custom solutions to meet their application requirements.
CPS is supported by the wealth of industry and application knowledge that has been synonymous with Eurotec for over a quarter of a Century.

Talk to Eurotec today about your Refrigeration, HVAC or Electrical Control Panel requirements – the NZ experts in Industrial Control Panel Solutions.

Standard & Custom Control Panel Solutions for Coolrooms & Freezer Applications

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