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Emergency beacon Lights, Stack Lights and Warning Devices

Audible and Visual Warning



For over 30 years TEXELCO has been manufacturing components and systems for the automation of industrial plants and machinery. Texelco was the first in Italy and among the very first worldwide to develop a vertical signaling system visible from a distance and from any angle. These products have allowed machinery to communicate with operators via a visual and audible signaling code.?

The product range offers:

  • Visual and Audio Indicators:
    Many possible combinations, rotating lights, flashing and fixed lamps with three types of acoustic signals.
  • Stack Lights:
    Combine visual and acoustic warning signals, with a separate power supply and the possibility of changing the type of acoustic signal using a remote control.
  • Beacon Lamps:
    A signal lamp which offers 8 different fastening modes, 4 types of lighting, 2 types of dome lights.
  • Multi Colour lamps:
    Integrate information with an acoustic warning system or additional light signal sector.


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