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Bluetooth Testo Smart HVAC Probes

Testo Smart Probes – compact professional measuring instruments optimised for your smartphone. Ideal for HVAC, Refrigeration and Heating contractors.



Measurement is more mobile than ever before with the Testo Smart Probes. These compact measuring instruments can be operated wirelessly with your own smartphone or tablet via the free Testo Smart app, and conveniently transported in a handy Testo Smart Case so you can have all your measurement technology with you and on hand.

All measurement data is transmitted by Bluetooth directly to the free Smart App and with a mobile end device, can be read out, turned into a report, and finally sent directly by e-mail. And the App can do much more: with practical measurement menus and special functions, it turns your smartphone into a measurement data centre and makes your work more efficient. Welcome to the world of digital measurement technology.

Check out the ‘Videos’ tab to find out more about the different smart probe instruments.

View the latest Testo Smart Probes Brochure.

NEW! Testo 915i Smart Probe with interchangeable plug-in measurement probes. View the 915i brochure.

Smart Probe Applications:

Air conditioning/refrigeration systems and heat pumps
> Leak test
> Superheating and subcooling
> Target superheating
> Cooling and heating output
> Vacuum measurement

Ventilation systems
> Volume flow in ducts and at outlets
> Temperature/humidity measurement in ducts

Conventional heating systems
> Non-contact temperature measurement
> Measurement of flow and return temperatures
> Measurement of gas flow pressure

Indoor air quality
> Measurement of room temperature
> Measurement of relative humidity

Smart Probes measure the follwing parameters:

> Temperature
Surface temperature using infrared, clamp thermometer on lines, air temperature.
> Pressure
Hose-free high-pressure measurement and differential pressure.
> Humidity
Relative humidity conjunction with temperature.
> Air Flow Velocity
Air flow velocity measurement and determination of volume flow in ducts or at outlets.

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    Testo Smart App

    Use the Testo Smart App for all your measurement, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications with the Bluetooth measuring instruments from Testo.

    The new ‘Testo Smart’ app replaces the ‘Testo Smart Probes’ app and is available as a free download for IOS and Android. It features intuitive measurement menus and smart functions such as creating and sending digital measurement reports.

    App store: 
    Goolge play: 

    App Features:

    • All in one: One app for all Bluetooth®-enabled Testo measuring instruments for air conditioning/refrigeration systems and heat pumps.
    • Quick and easy: Measurement menus for numerous applications provide optimum support in configuring and carrying out measurements, e.g. superheating/subcooling.
    • Clear graphical presentation of readings, e.g. as a table, for quick interpretation of results.
    • Create digital measurement reports including photos as PDF/CSV files on site and send via e-mail.


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