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Industrial and Commercial Ice Makers

A range of European industrial quality ice Machines for Food Processing, Retail and Industry

Ziegra Ice Machines for Chip/Nugget Ice

MAJA Ice Machines for Flake/Scale Ice

FUNK Ice Machines for Flake/Scale Ice



Eurotec currently offer 3 European brands of Industrial Ice Machines for the Food Manufacturing (Meat Processing & Bakeries), Food Retail (Supermarkets and Fish Markets), Fishing Industry (both on board and shore based) and Industrial applications (e.g. concrete cooling). Types of ice available are Chip (or Nugget Ice) and Scale (or Flake Ice), each with its own unique cooling characteristics to suit specific applications.

When it comes to Food applications there are options with technologies developed to maximise the Hygiene requirements, with ease of cleaning and automatic clean cycles available.

There are many poor quality & low cost ice making systems available on the market ? Eurotec do not offer these to our customers and we will only sell equipment that we are proud to associate with our own name.

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To view the product catalogues, please follow the links below:

Ziegra Ice Machine catalogue

FUNK Ice catalogue

Maja RVH Co2 brochure

Maja Flake Ice HY-GEN brochure

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