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Testo Data Loggers & Logging Systems

Testo Data Loggers stand out thanks to a high level of operating convenience, reliability and data security.

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offers a large range of Data loggers which provide complete documentation for a number of applications. Data loggers from Testo stand out thanks to a high level of operating convenience, reliability and data security. Thanks to the non-volatile memory in testo data loggers, measurement data is not lost even when the batteries are completely empty.

The Testo 174, 175 and 176 series data loggers are suitable for a variety of applications with their user friendly and robust design.

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Logisitcs Data Loggers  T184 Series:
The new testo 184 data logger provides optimum temperatures for sensitive goods during transportation. Certified by HACCP International, the testo 184 is all you need in one instrument, allowing you to monitor every step of the cold chain ensuring the perfect temperature is maintained. All documented data is stored in the instrument itself, so there is no need for additional software installation or separate interfaces.

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Wifi Data Logging System Saveris 2
The Testo Saveris 2 system enables users to monitor temperature and humidity levels easily, anytime and anywhere, without compromising security, or creating bother with time consuming software. Saveris 2 is a remarkably simple and elegant solution.

The system consists of WiFi data loggers and a Cloud data store. The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data loggers reliably record temperature and humidity at defined intervals, and transmit the measurement values directly by WiFi to the Testo Cloud.

For futher information on Saveris 2 click on the image below for the full brochure:

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