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Testo Refrigerant Scales

Experience automatic and precise refrigerant charging according to target superheat, subcooling and weight with the Digital Refrigerant Scale Testo 560i and Intelligent Valve.

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World innovation – digital refrigerant scale Testo 560i

The new Testo 560i Digital Refrigerant Scale with Intelligent Valve, revolutionizes the charging of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The 560i includes automatic charging according to the target value – thanks to patented technology. Simply select the charging program in the Testo Smart Digital Manifold or Testo Smart App, enter the target value and the Digital Refrigerant Scale + Intelligent Valve do the rest for you.

Best of all, the Testo 560i is fully compatible with existing Testo digital manifolds (550s, 557s & 550i) and their predecessors (550 & 557), as well as the Testo 115i, 549i, and 605i Smart Probes.

560i at a glance:

  • Automatic and precise refrigerant charging according to target superheat, subcooling and weight thanks to intelligent valve.
  • Wireless connection and operation with Testo manifolds and Testo Smart App via Bluetooth.
  • All measured values for the charging process at a glance with storage of the measured data in the Testo Smart App.
  • Particularly handy thanks to compact housing, low weight, practical carrying handle and sturdy shoulder bag.
  • Compatible with digital manifolds Testo 557s/550s/550i and Testo 557/550 as well as the Testo 115i, 549i, and 605i Smart Probes.

Full Compatibility
App-controlled measurement technology puts an end to time-consuming documentation, tangled cables and the like. From now on, a whole team of professional helpers will be at your side thanks to networked Testo instruments.
The 560i scale and valve are compatible via Bluetooth with the Testo Smart App and the digital manifolds Testo 557s, 550s, 550i and the predecessor models Testo 557/550, as well as the Testo 115i, 549i, and 605i Smart Probes.

This is how easy it is!
1. Start scale, valve and manifold or App.
2. Connect hoses to system and measuring instruments.
3. Selecting the desired charging program in the manifold or App.
4. Enter target value weight, superheat or subcooling.
5. Start charging program. Done!

If desired, measurement data documentation with protocol dispatch on site.

All in one: the Testo Smart App
One app for all Bluetooth®-enabled Testo measuring instruments. The app is available as a free download and features intuitive measurement menus and smart functions such as creating and sending digital measurement reports.

Key Features

  • For all applications of the Testo 560i – from measurement to documentation.
  • Guided programs for Testo 560i with Bluetooth valve for automatic refrigerant charging according to target value (superheat, subcooling, weight, manual).
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo measuring instruments for air conditioning/refrigeration systems and heat pumps.
  • Measurement errors are easily prevented thanks to menus that offer optimum support, e.g. for superheat and subcooling.
  • Quick analysis thanks to clear presentation of the values (graphical & tabular).
  • Create digital measurement reports including photos as PDF/CSV files on site and email them straight away.
  • Free for Android and IOS.

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