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Eurotec Dry Block Calibration and After Sales Service

After Sales Service and Calibration
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators



Our After-Sales Business Unit provides technical and service support for all of the products we market. Instrumentation calibration and certification of many products is carried out in-house by our highly skilled support team with traceability of the reference instruments and calibration equipment.

Infrared and Thermal Imager Calibrations
We have recently updated our calibration facilities with the new Fluke 4180 Black Body Calibrator and now offer full calibration of Thermal Imaging cameras and Infrared Thermometers.

Our Instrumentation Business Unit also sells the Eurolec range of Dry Block Calibrators.

Click on the links below for Specification Sheets.

CSEC1 and CSEC2 Specification sheet

CSEC3 Specification sheet.

CS350 and CS650 High Temperature Specification Sheet

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