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Milk Cooling Machines



Milk cooling equipment to help you comply with the milk cooling regulations.  

Packo Ice Bank
The Packo Ice Bank is the result of many years of experience in cooling liquids for the dairy and food industry. The PIB is the heart of the DIB system, it builds up an ice reserve with which it can make a large amount of ice water at zero degrees.

The PIB is constructed of thick stainless steel plates (AISI 304) for a long lifespan. Environmentally friendly PU-foam is injected between the interior and exterior housing for insulation. This prevents thermal losses and improves low energy consumption.

The standard PIB is supplied with a powerful pump that transports the ice water through the heat exchanger in the DIB tank. A rapid cooling, without the risk of freezing, of your valuable milk is ensured. Bacteria don’t stand a chance! Possible options include an extra ice water pump for instant cooling and a time clock for the use of cheaper night-rate electricity. The unit can be easily integrated into an existing cooling system, or can be offered as part of a completely new system.

Horizontal Milk Cooling Tank
Fully Insulated double skin stainless steel provides excellent thermal storage compared to traditional NZ manufactured vats which are single skin, uninsulated and have minimal cooling capacity.
A large Cooling Pad covers the full length of the tank and 50% of the diameter provides significantly faster cooling than traditional tanks. Available in either Ice Water or traditional Direct Expansion Refrigeration configuration. Patented CIP system with automatic dosing and wash cycles.

Dairy Cooling Solutions, a division of Eurotec was established to supply solutions to meet the Dairy Sectors milk cooling technology challenges, improving efficiency and milk quality on the farm. Find out more through our website

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