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Optris and Telea Infrared and Fever Screening Cameras

Pyrometers & Inline Thermal Cameras



Eurotec are proud to be appointed a New Zealand distributor of German non-contact temperature measurement manufacturer Optris.
Eurotec are also agents for Italian manufacturer Telea Tecnovision, who offer advanced vision systems for industrial processes, CCTV solutions and products, integrated security systems and audio communication solutions for the industrial market.

Optris has been developing and manufacturing innovative infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, including handheld thermometers,stationary industrial thermometers, and infrared cameras for point and area measurement, for more than 10 years.
We are able to offer ideal solutions by covering the many different applications of our customers through the extensive know-how and innovative thinking of our well-experienced engineers and physicians.

Our product range is separated into the following product groups:
> Compact series  Small, compact infrared thermometers for the ideal use in cramped and hot environments.
> High precision series  Infrared thermometers with high optical performance and double lasers for spot size adjustment.
> Infrared cameras Compact thermal imagers for fast online applications including line scanner functions.
> Portable thermometers High-quality portable devices with integrated USB interface.
> Fever Screening Solutions Infrared camera solutions for fever detection.

Fever Screening Solutions
As the corona virus affects the world, there is a need for suitable screening techniques allowing fast, non-contact detection of people with potential fever. Find out more on our Fever Screening Systems page.

Click on the image below the view the Optris product overview brochure:




  Check out our Optris NZ Linkedin Showcase Page to keep up with the latest on Optris at Eurotec


Explosion Proof Camera Housing from Telea Tecnovision

The Telea CF.EX.129 Series includes a full series of stainless steel stand-alone camera stations specifically designed for Hazardous Area applications.
The design of the housing ensures the best protection from external agents and an easy installation and maintenance service.
CF.EX.129 camera stations may be equipped with the latest generation of zoom module day/night camera and thermal imaging cameras, but they are also available for specific customer cameras. The sunshield protects the housing from the sunlight, from heat and dirt, while the heater demoisturizes the housing frontal window if needed. Wash wiper version and IR models without frontal grid are available too.

Key Features:
> AISI316L Stainless Steel construction
> For use in highly corrosive environments
> Easy installation and maintenance
> Explosion proof certified
> Weatherproof standard IP66/67

View the product brochure here for more information, or contact your local Eurotec Sales Engineer to discuss your requirements.

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