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Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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Humidity sensing & monitoring play an important part in the control of air quality.

E+E is a leading European manufacturer of humidity and temperature sensors used in a wide range of applications from specialty OEM sensors for the Automotive & White Goods industries; to industrial sensors used in the control of air quality in the manufacture of Pharmaceuticals, EX rated sensors for hazardous areas to the measurement of moisture in Electrical Transformer oils. Wireless transmitters and networks are now available to provide a robust solution for those problematic installations.

Our HVAC Business Unit recommends E+E Humidity & Moisture Meters as the sensor of choice for our HVAC control solutions.

In addition to the E+E range the HVAC B.U. also offers both Sauter and Carel controls, sensors & transmitters.

  Check out our Sauter NZ Linkedin Showcase Page to keep up with the latest on Sauter at Eurotec

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