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Lighting Controls and Energy Management Systems

PIR & Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensors for Lighting & HVAC control
Wireless systems for switching/dimming lights & appliances



With the ever increasing cost of electricity and possible power shortages we would like to draw your attention to our range of automated controls. The WattStopper is a range of motion and lux sensors that control the lights in a commercial environment based on occupancy and the amount of natural light present; either individually or as a combination of technologies.We also have a range of PIR sensors for domestic use from Orbis. These are ideal for the control of security and access lighting.

The Trust range of products is a wireless control system that can solve wiring accessibility issues and offers cost effective home automation.

New to the Eurotec product range is industrial automation manufacturer KLEMSAN, which offers 3 phase energy meters for energy monitoring for both Din Rail and Panel Mount options.

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