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HVAC Analogue Controllers and HVAC Digital Controllers

HVAC control products



Our HVAC B.U. offers a diverse range of control solutions for typical HVAC applications and customised solutions for specialised temperature, humidity, pressure, flow and level control applications. Innotech programmable controllers offer extremely flexible systems for most control and monitoring applications. Also included in our range of products is the IG04 BACnet gateway for Vaisala WXT520 Weather Transmitter. The IG04 BACnet Gateway provides seamless integration with the WXT520 Weather Transmitter via automated creation of all BACnet Objects.

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Our most popular controls are the Innotech OMNI range of BEMS controllers which are ideal for HVAC, Building and Energy Management, automation as well as process control. The OMNI Compact Controllers have just been released, allowing Eurotec to offer solutions for all sizes and complexities of HVAC projects.

OMNI Overview
The Innotech Omni generation of Native BACnet BEMS Controllers are state of the art digital processing systems suitable for various types of control applications typically found in building management and process control.
High speed data processing technology, customisable multi protocol communication interfaces, combined with a fully user configurable input/output interface for field device connectivity allows for out-of-the-box project flexibility. Learn more about the Innotech Omni range here or click on the video resources tab for more information. 

Typical applications for the OMNI include;
> Building Management and control
> Energy Management and Analysis
> Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC & R)
> Process control
> Lighting control
> Monitoring and Data logging
> Protocol conversion or routing
> Cold/Freezer rooms

NEW! OMNI Compact Controllers
The Omni Compact Controller range offers programmable points, enabling it to monitor and control all types of external plant and equipment. It is primarily designed for the air conditioning and building automation industry. The small size of the Controller also gives it the advantage of being able to be installed in small places.
The creation of control strategies is made simple with the Focus engineering software. With it’s powerful graphical programming interface, Focus allows the user to create a project-wide control strategy.

> Native BACnet with BTL Listing
> BACnet MS/TP & BACnet IP
> Native Modbus RTU and TCP
> Automatic Protocol Routing
> Easiest I/O – User Configurable Points (UI/O) with self diagnostics
> Triac Outputs (Modulated PWM or Digital ON/OFF)
> Multi-user, HTML 5 web interface
> Variety of models & expansion options
> Compatible with existing Innotech, BACnet or Modbus BEMS
> On-board data logging
> Real-time clock & battery backup for fail-safe critical applications
> Live monitoring of data

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