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HVAC Pressure Controls

Pressure switches, Sensors,
Controllers & Transducers



Our range of pressure control solutions available from HubaSetra and Beck allow us to select the best pressure control switch or sensor for any application. From typical HVAC air flow (DP) switches and regulators, to custom-made pressure transmitters, we have a solution.

Setra have a complete range of HVAC pressure sensing solutions. Setra?s industrial pressure transducers meet the stringent requirements of OEM manufacturers, and their line of building automation products meet the environmental regulations of the HVAC industry.
In a pharmaceutical, hospital, laboratory, or animal research facility, the integrity of the ventilation control system is at the heart of a contaminant free environment.
A fail-safe solution to monitoring these very low pressure changes is Setra?s Model SRIM room pressure monitor, which utilizes highly accurate capacitance sensing technology to measure and display true low pressure differential.

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