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Energy Monitoring Products

Analyse and monitor the performance of your building and it’s environmental impact.



A building contains numerous devices or applications that require energy for them to operate, and BMS systems are a key element to managing the energy demand. Create savings and efficiencies throughout the life cycle of your building and master your energy usage and carbon footprint. Eurotec are proud to offer building energy management solutions from trusted suppliers and market leaders Innotech and Sauter.

Innotech ATOM is a comprehensive data acquisition, billing and optimisation management tool which enables you to analyse historic data, generate reports and billing information while helping you to analyse and monitor the performance of your building and environmental impact.

ATOM can be integrated into any new or existing buildings using your current infrastructure and can be configured to acquire data from supported SQL Server databases and generate billing and reporting information using a Tenant/Services database that can be customised to suit your application.

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Sauter Demand-controlled ventilation
The technical operation of buildings (heating, cooling, and ventilation) currently takes up around 40% of global primary energy consumption and accounts for roughly a quarter of worldwide CO2 emissions. Optimising energy efficiency in buildings is crucial in combatting this threat to the environment. In buildings equipped with mechanical ventilation systems, demand-controlled ventilation is one of the key ways of achieving this.

Demand-controlled ventilation means that the building automation system adjusts and minimises the supply of outside air according to the effective requirements with the aim of optimising both room air quality and energy efficiency. Room air quality is generally assessed according to its CO2 content, which is usually measured using infrared CO2 sensors.

Demand-controlled ventilation saves energy by minimising the amount required for driving the fans and for treating the supplied fresh air (heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, etc.).

Depending on the type of installation (with or without heat recovery, with or without air mix dampers, local or supply air heating/cooling) there are different interdependencies and control strategies with different energy-saving options. For SAUTER, energy efficiency (in other words optimum user comfort with minimum energy use) is the number one priority. All Sauter products and solutions are consistently designed with this in mind.

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