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Testo Digital Manifolds and Refrigeration Manifolds

Testo Digital Refrigeration Manifolds. Fast measurement and easy operation via large graphic display and your smartphone – and yet still compact and robust.



The next generation of digital manifolds!

The new generation of digital manifolds from Testo are faster, more reliable and more flexible than ever before. Testo have also introduced the first fully digital manifold onto the market, the Testo 550i, which allows you to display and evaluate all results in real time in the Testo Smart App via your smartphone.

What was already good, we’ve made even better:
> larger display with clearer arrangement
> increased durability and convenience of handling
> wireless networking with Bluetooth® 5.0

Thanks to Bluetooth® 5.0, the new digital manifolds are also suitable for wireless measurement. You save valuable time and avoid stress in the installation, maintenance and servicing of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. All important measurement programs are already stored in the system, as well as the right refrigerants for different plants. With the Testo Smart App, documentation is fast and uncomplicated on site. And thanks to wireless data transfer, you even have both hands free.

The digital manifolds Testo 550s and Testo 557s make measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps faster and easier than ever before.
The large display shows all measurement data at a glance and simplifies the analysis of the results. Measurement menus guide you step by step through the measurement and allow the automatic determination of important plant parameters such as superheat, pressure-drop test, tightness test or evacuation.

Bluetooth® probes for temperature, pressure and humidity can be connected wirelessly to the instrument, and together with the Testo Smart App, provide even more flexibility. And the App also always has the right refrigerant ready. Thanks to its proven quality and great durability, you can rely on maximum precision under any conditions. From the first to the last job.

Ready for all your jobs. Today and in the future: The first fully digital manifold Testo 550i enables you to control your daily servicing and maintenance work on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps entirely via Testo Smart App and smartphone or tablet. The smallest digital manifold on the market is equipped with a 2-way valve block, deals with measurements fast and conveniently, and thanks to the digital documentation, saves considerable time.

In addition to this, the compact instrument connects automatically via the Testo Smart App to our Bluetooth® probes for temperature, pressure and humidity. Evaporation and condensation temperatures can be automatically calculated in the App. And with nothing more in your hand than your smartphone, you’re standing relaxed to one side – or up to 150 m away.

For more information, view the product brochure below and comparison chart, which shows the difference between the manifold models.


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