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When your job is to control motors, heaters, lamps and other electrically powered loads, you need accurate, real-time status feedback. Until recently, the traditional approach to this monitoring problem has been to use optical sensors, zero-speed switches and pressure switches. But these devices can be both expensive and unreliable. NK Technologies offers better solutions. NK Technologies current, voltage and power sensors give you that critical feedback with all the speed, simplicity and dependability you want and need. Based on the premise that, “By measuring the power input to your load, you gain clear insight into actual equipment performance”, these solutions are: * Faster…because you see load changes immediately. With this knowledge, you can prevent equipment failure and avert process disruption. * Easier…because you simply snap a sensor over a wire. No need to bolt or weld complex brackets, valve manifolds or pipe taps. * More reliable…because solid state sensors are tougher than electromechanical devices. * Economical…because costs are reduced through quick, easy installation and long-term dependability.

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